4 Gaming Hardware That Can Be Used to Maximise Work Productivity

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way consumers and businesses operate, driving people to reinvent the way they function from day to day while ensuring their productivity and performance levels are maintained.

The lines between work and home have never been as blurred as they are now. Many of us continue to work from home and some schools and educational institutes have shifted towards more permanent online lessons, with teachers and students adapting to this new mode of learning.

Given this context, there are more choices for PC usage than ever before, from gaming to online learning, entertainment and even virtual events.

People are connecting more with their friends, families and colleagues digitally through services such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and many others. Consumers now understand the need for dependable and powerful devices along with stronger broadband connectivity for hassle-free computing experiences that address their professional, educational, and personal needs at home for their children and themselves.

Many people experience difficulties with transitioning to working from home, such as finding the hardware needed to remain productive and ensure they were able to complete their daily work duties.

As we navigated and adapted over the past two years, it has become clear that to remain productive and entertained, it is essential to have the necessary tech infrastructure within our homes.

Productivity is choosing to get things done on time, by finding the right tool for the right task.

Gaming peripherals conveniently cater to specialised needs, which do overlap with many of our new office functions occurring within our homes.

So, even though these peripherals may be covered customised with RGB lights that are aimed at gamers, you could make a strong argument that they’re the best option for being productive while working from home.

Here are 4 Ways that Gaming Hardware can be used to Maximise Productivity:

1. Gaming Monitors

Today, monitors are designed with impressive features and performance specifications that provide the user with an immersive experience that many could not have dreamed of in the early 2000s. Over the past few decades, PC monitors have evolved from the bulky box which took up more space than your PC tower to high-performing visual devices.

The most important factor that people consider when looking at monitors for gaming or workstations includes refresh rate, response time, resolution, and input lag. These are the factors that make gameplay smooth and crystal clear.

Adding an extra monitor is easier than ever these days, with most external monitors connecting via HDMI, USB-C or DP ports.

The increase in online gaming has resulted in a higher demand for gaming monitors, with gamers shifting towards multi-screen setups. A multi-screen setup can have a massive impact on your workplace, leading to a higher productivity rate and a more enjoyable work experience. Extra monitors can help users look at multiple documents or web pages, or work on two different applications at once.

2. Multipurpose Headsets

Besides the visuals, clear audio is just as important for both gaming and your daily work needs. The combination of impressive visuals and high-quality sound quality takes your gaming experience to a whole new level.

A top-quality headset equipped with a crisp microphone is a key part of any setup. Whether it’s for clearly hearing the finer sounds within games, communicating with friends and colleagues or simply listening to music while working.

3. Ergonomic Keyboards

An increasing number of hard-core/casual gamers and the growing popularity of e-sports are among the key factors driving the global gaming peripherals market. E-sports and virtual games have led to the development of special gaming keyboards and gamepads which can be customised and provide better ergonomics to the user.

A gaming keyboard usually features full-sized, well-spaced, mechanical keys that are easy to use for longer periods of time. On top of that, the shape of the keyboard is usually made to fit your hands perfectly so you can use your keyboard for longer stretches without hurting your hands and wrists.

There is no short supply of what one might consider a “gaming keyboard”, making it more affordable than ever to get your hands on a keyboard that boasts what one might consider gaming features and more at a decent cost.

4. Gaming Mouse

In terms of a gaming mouse, gamers in particular focus on high DPI (DPI is the standard used to measure the mouse sensitivity) sensors for greater accuracy, a more ergonomic shape and the overall weight.

Consumers will also need to choose between wired vs wireless, as battery life must always be considered before use.

You can spend hours using your mouse when working from home, so you need to make sure you have one that’s comfortable to hold, as well as being fast and responsive. Even if you have a laptop with a touchpad, you may find getting a mouse will make things more comfortable.

Lastly, to ensure smooth movement and accuracy, a quality mouse pad is essential to not only protect the mouse from scratches but improve accuracy when it matters.

This transformation to remote functioning is enabling consumers to embrace a fairly new lifestyle and make it part of their routine.

Everybody may have different opinions on the importance of certain peripherals based on their personal preference, the type of work they do and of course the type of games they play.

By Matthew Hall, Product Director, Rectron South Africa.

Edited by Luis Monzon
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