6 Free Online Resources To Help SA Students During Matric Exams 2021

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South Africa’s matrics have officially begun their end of the year examinations. The National Senior Certificate exams will run from 27 October 2021 to 7 December 2021, and as always a lot of pressure is put on the incumbent matric class to succeed and improve the country’s matriculant statistics.

This year’s exam results are expected to be released on 20 January 2022.

The final matric exams are an incredibly stressful period for the country’s young people, and with the added struggles of load-shedding and COVID-related restrictions thrown into the mix, our matrics need more help now than ever.

These resources listed below are just a few, and the internet is rife with help for matrics during their most difficult challenge yet. So don’t stop with this list if you feel you haven’t found the right resource for your studies.

Here are 6 free online resources Matrics can get help from:

This online free online portal from South Africa’s Department of Education offers an enormous amount of past papers in virtually every subject you can think of. It also includes memorandums and even videos on certain papers.

If you’re looking to practice on past papers to get an edge, then this is probably your safest and easiest bet.

Maths is hard, and your scientific calculator will only take you so far.

Save time while studying by calculating integrals right into this free online tool that shows you what the entire formulae look like, as well as any corresponding graphs. If you’re struggling with SIN, COS and TAN – this could help.

The free version of this website accessed through simply signing up offers 2X English Exam Papers, 2X Afrikaans Exam Papers and 212X Question Videos to get answers for any specific question you are stuck on.

Paper Video offers exam papers for subjects like Accounting, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Natural Sciences.

GapUp calls itself “the fastest way Grade 12 students improve their tests, exams and final marks.

With GapUp students simply sign up, select a subject of their choosing (preferably a subject that they struggle with) and answer related questions from past exam papers.

GapUp will then identify the areas students struggle with growth, and issue related “study tasks” to help improve these areas.

Launched just last week, MTN’s Online School is a free online portal that provides a comprehensive digital curriculum for grades R-12 and additional features like video lessons, assessments and extra-tuition lessons for Grade 10 to 12 learners.  

MTN has zero-rated the website, which means that it will cost no data to watch videos and download materials to aid in studying. Simply sign up and select your prefered course.

You may need to explore the portal for a bit as it is very information-intensive, and not all of the content is available yet as MTN says it wants to add the remaining resources over a 3 year period, but the video lessons it offers could be very helpful for matrics in a bind.

EduHub is a free online app available for Android devices that is geared to help students (not just matrics) from the poorest areas of South Africa and functions perfectly on smartphones as it uses very little memory and internet data.

Created by Cape Town-based Brandon Wilson, EduHub offers a wide array of materials from explanation videos, to past papers, memorandums, to marking guidelines, to worksheets and textbooks – all in either video or PDF format. All up to date and all easily accessible.

The app’s name is the deal, Wilson sought to create a singular entity where learners could find a plethora of information and resources to aid them in going through their studies.

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