Angola: President Lourenço presents key policies of manifesto ahead of election

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Angolan president João Lourenço presented key policies he would implement if elected in the August 2022 presidential election.

Investing in the diversification of the market economy, continuing the fight against corruption or creating greater supply of public services in health were just some of the many goals President João Lourenço has promised to deliver if reelected.

Before an appreciative audience on Friday, he listed his priorities. As Lourenço delivered a speech at the launch of the Political Agenda of his party, MPLA, he cited economic developments accomplished during his tenure.

Angola's ruling party, confirmed President Lourenço's bid for a second mandate last December. The MPLA has led the third-biggest oil producer in Africa since independence from colonial power, Portugal.

João Lourenço was first elected in 2017 after serving as Defence minister under president José Eduardo dos Santos.

If he campaigned on development and progress, the country's economy has not yet overcome a recession.

Angola's oil-driven economy has remained stuck since 2016.

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