Benefits Of Motorcycles Vs Cars And How To Get Your Own

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Being mobile in South Africa is not only a convenience, but for some, it’s an essential need. And with the road opening up again, the good ol’ traffic days are returning too. You may be feeling like sitting in traffic is tiresome, and the weight of the petrol price might also be demotivating you more. Have you considered getting a motorcycle, or does the thought cross your mind when you see a biker swerve through and pass you in traffic? Read on and get the pros and cons of owning a motorcycle or car, plus how you can get yourself moving swiftly on the road.

What Fuel Costs? 

With a car, many people have been trying to find cheaper ways to stay on the road, and while there are vouchers, rewards points and such for being great motor vehicle drivers, the pinch of the petrol price is still felt. Fuel-efficient cars are the new revolution helping people stay mobile and save; however, if you do not have to carry more than one person on your motor vehicle, then you might want to consider the light option of a motorbike. With a bike, you will save on fuel by paying way less, and thanks to the ever-evolving world of mechanics, there are now bikes that offer bigger storage than the ones before. Some bike and motorcycle brands offer branded carry cases for when you need to take that road trip or a long-distance journey. So, cut your fuel costs, pack light and let’s hit the road.

Speaking Of Hitting The Road…

With a motorcycle, you can pretty much go anywhere. Mountainside, dense forests, open lands and more are just a bike ride away as it may be difficult for some cars to travel through certain kinds of roads. South Africa is opening up, and a lot more people are travelling locally to explore the wonderful wonders of Mzansi, so consider doing it on a bike and take in the entire experience. Here are a few biking roads you should consider according to other riders

For Day Trips: 

Cape Town and Johannesburg have some of the most bike-friendly routes, such as: 

  • From Johannesburg to Hartbeespoort via Malibongwe Drive – it offers a lovely short-distance biking experience.
  • Sun City to Magaliesberg Meander and back to Sun City – this is a 275km round trip through the Magaliesberg mountains with great scenery and long open roads. Some sections of the roads are bumpy, so look out for some potholes.
  • Western Cape: Lady Loch Bridge, Wellington – perfect if you enjoy the open free road and want to see some South African treasures like the very first all-steel bridge built during 1910. 

Weekender And More: 

If you want to get on a biking adventure that lasts more than one day, then consider the following routes: 

  • From Johannesburg to Cape Town, there is a 3-day trip waiting for you to discover. This will offer you a great riding experience with little to no hurdles. Just look out for any road work that is ongoing, and make sure you snap a picture when passing through the karoo.
  • Western Cape also has the Old Postal Route, which is recommended for a weekend or long weekend drive for adventure bikers.


Caring for your car may be a bit of a hassle sometimes. There’s servicing, maintenance and cleaning too. And if you are the only person who uses your car regularly, then the general upkeep of it might clash with your day to day routines. With a motorbike, you halve the time and responsibility as they are easier to clean and maintain; plus, if you have the right motorbike dealership on your side, chances are you’ll have a well-serviced and maintained bike. Are you feeling the wind beneath your biking wings yet?

Motorbike Money 

Investing in a vehicle financially does not end when you leave the dealership. If anything, that is when the maintenance starts. With a car, the best way is to have insurance in order to be able to supplement the costs of fixing it should anything happen, and while motorbikes also have insurance, their premiums are lower based on all the reasons stated above.

Say you have a car and are considering switching to a motorcycle, you can choose to either trade in your car and get yourself a motorbike and join the bike world, or you can also choose to buy a motorbike while keeping your car if you are planning on using the bike recreationally. If that’s the case, you may want to consider motorcycle finance, where you will pay monthly premiums while enjoying the beautiful and convenient moments with your bike. With motorcycle finance, you can calculate your payment premium, and if you want to, you can pay off your bike after a certain period of time. Also consider leasing if you are not sure about the commitment of owning a motorcycle yet. This will offer you a peek into how you will manage your finances should you consider getting one permanently.

Final Thoughts; Bike More, Stress Less 

Give yourself the gift of no traffic this season. Buying a motorbike in South Africa is easy as there are lots of options for you to choose from depending on your needs. Get the best commuter, sports, touring, cruiser or any kind of bike and hit the road today. Plus, if you purchase from a reputable dealership, you will score amazing deals and payment options that are reasonable. Don’t forget to invest in insurance, too. We cannot wait to see you on the open and semi-open roads.

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