Celebration of Eid al-Adha amid virus worries by Senegalese people

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Muslims in Senegal’s capital Dakar flocked the Massalikoul Djinane mosque in Dakar, the most important in West Africa for Eid al-Adha prayers on Tuesday. Volunteers gave disinfectant to worshippers outside the mosque, as authorities warned against gatherings.

One of the worshipper said: 

The safety protocols were in place, there was a queue to enter the mosque, we have observed distancing as much as we can. There is not one person within the mosque who didn’t have his mask or his hand sanitizer. The rest we leave in the hands of God,” This year’s feast of sacrifice was fundamentally different from that Muslim faithful within the country have celebrated before. Many mosques remained closed as people prayed reception. Authorities also discouraged travel and open-air festivities.

“I had thought that there wouldn’t be such an outsized gathering, but since it’s like that we’ve no choice, we just need to wear masks and respect the barrier measures,” said Marleyatou Diallo, a student.

As is tradition, faithful slaughtered animals as a symbol of sacrifice.

Data source: Africa news

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