Congo: The app rendering humanitarian support

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For several years, this woman has been suffering from a rare form of eye or ocular pathology. Due to a lack of funds, she was never able to receive adequate treatment, until she came across Needact, a digital solidarity application created in the Republic of Congo.

"I discovered Need Act on social networks. I took the contact of the people who communicated it, and they answered me after 24 hours. I went to their offices and I told them about my health, because I was suffering from eye pain for 4 years due to lack of means. They took care of me, they helped me to get consultations me so that today I find my health, I see very well."

The application was created by the start-up K.C West, composed of a group of young entrepreneurs who are committed to connecting vulnerable people with potential donors through digital means.

"The goal of this digital platform is to create a community that can help people who need help and also to make sure that those who need help can be the beneficiaries of some kind of help from someone of good will" says Shekina Mabika SAMBA (Coordinator Interface KC West).

In a continent often plagued by humanitarian crises, the members of KC West saw digital technology as an accelerating factor in assisting people in humanitarian, security and health emergencies.

"When you are in the application, you have an option that allows you to launch the alert. When the alert is sent, the alert arrives at the back office, if it is necessary that we go to the field, we go" adds Samba.

Need Act is a digital solidarity chain, perceived by many here as an added value for associations and NGOs that carry out actions in favor of vulnerable people. It also renders service to the deaf.

"I would say that the app came at the right time, because first it will allow deaf women to communicate well. From where there will be the presence of the deaf woman, there will be the interpreter, and the doctor." says Jodia Ardel MINGOLE, Secretary General of the Association of the Deaf.

KC west believes that with a growing internet penetration in Congo, thei Need Act app will be able to serve even more people in need.

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