Congolese refugees start arriving in Uganda

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Congolese refugees have started to arrive in camps in Uganda fleeing fighting between the Congolese army and the revived M23 rebel movement in the North-Kivu province.

The fighting intensified on Tuesday near the border with Uganda prompting many to flee.

"I am leaving for Uganda to escape the gunfire. Many people from my village have fled and some have even died", said Zawadi, a female refugee.

Another refugee, Furaha, made it to Uganda just in time.

"I fled the war in my village and now I am in Uganda, where I just gave birth. I had a baby boy", she said.

On Monday, the Congolese authorities announced the capture of two Rwandan soldiers and accused neighbouring Rwanda of supporting the rebels.

Kigali strongly denied the accusations of involvement saying the men captured were not part of the army.

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