DR Congo set to scrap deals with Rwanda amid tension

7 months ago 3224

The Rwanda-DRC crisis continues to deepen. The Congolese President headed a Supreme Defense Council late Wednesday, to review the response to what the Democratic Republic of Congo calls a Rwandan invasion.

After the meeting, the government said it considered suspending all bilateral agreements with its neighbor accusing him of backing the M23 rebels.

"The Supreme Defence Council has taken the following measures: first, it demands that Rwanda immediately withdraw its troops, operating under the cover of the terrorist M23 group, from Congolese territory; Secondly. it requests that the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo suspends all protocols of agreements, accords and conventions concluded with Rwanda", Patrick Muyaya, the Minister of communication and spokesperson of the government said.

The new development of the crisis comes after several demonstrations against Rwanda took place in different Congolese cities. On Monday, the border town of Bunagana, was seized by the rebels forcing thousands of residents to flee.

Rwanda and Uganda have denied for years that they support the M23 group.

Kenya's President called for the newly founded East African Regional Force to be activated for eastern DRCongo.

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