DRC: at least 10 dead in a new landslide

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At least ten people have died in a new landslide that occurred after heavy rain overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday in a landlocked area in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), sources said.

The ten people died from "erosion caused by heavy rain" in Miringati village, Lubero territory, North Kivu province, administrative official Edgard Kasombolene said.

Mr. Kasombolene confirmed a report communicated to AFP by the communication service of the provincial governorate. “ The search continues this morning” to find survivors, assured Colonel Jean Habamungu , commander of the police in the Lubero territory.

The eastern region of the DRC has been shaken in recent days by natural disasters.

In the territory of Masisi, still in North Kivu, a person was killed and three others injured in Rubaya in the landslide that occurred on Monday in this artisanal mining site.

In the neighbouring province of South Kivu, deadly floods last week after heavy rains left at least 401 dead, hundreds missing and significant material damage, according to the official report.

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