‘First of its Kind’ Medical Centre Opens in Uganda

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The Afri-Egypt Health Services Center, a first of its kind medical and diagnostic centre in Jinja, Uganda.

GE Healthcare and medical group AFRIPHARMA has announced the opening of the Afri-Egypt Health Services Center, a first of its kind medical and diagnostic centre in Uganda. The Center is located in Jinja and is expected to serve over 60,000 people from the region, allowing for improved accessibility in the surrounding communities.

The facility is equipped with GE equipment including a CT Scan Machine, Digital Mammography, X-ray, BMD, Ultrasound, and Life Care solutions. These technologies are used in the diagnosis and treatment of various critical diseases, including in the areas of women’s health, neonatal care, cardiology, internal medicine, HIV, infectious diseases, and COVID-19.

According to a statement, this project represents a global partnership between GE Healthcare and AFRIPHARMA. The two firms had collaborated to develop the strategy, design, and execution of the facility, including the operations and processes, with one goal in mind: better patient care in Uganda, East Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

“This state-of-the-art Health Facility was built to very high standards with the patients in mind despite the challenging environment of the COVID pandemic, with the partners determined to bring domestic treatment to Ugandans and help improve lives,” said Professor Madiha Khattab, CEO AFRIPHARMA.

Jennifer Kinyoe, GM, GE Healthcare East Africa added that, “GE Healthcare has been a partner in the region for many decades, through both good and challenging times. This project is a great example of how global partners and institutions can support critical local needs in Uganda. Through this innovative facility, access across the entire country is improved, we support clinicians to have early diagnosis and lives will be saved. This supports our strategy in Africa to bring the best healthcare services right to the patients, helping doctors and practitioners to diagnose, treat, and save lives.”

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