Gandhi’s 152nd birth anniversary

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With his views and principles, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who was born in India in 1869, influenced millions of people. Gandhi led the victorious battle for India’s freedom from oppressive British rule by following the path of truth and nonviolence.

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Indentured Indian laborers aboard the SS Umzinto during the early 1900s. (Stewart and Sar Fairbairn)


The cover of Indian Opinion, the newspaper published by Gandhi in South Africa, in 1913. (Wikimedia)


John Dube (middle) was part of the 1914 South African Native National Congress (which later became the ANC) delegation to Britain. (


Gandhi with the stretcher-bearers of the Indian Ambulance Corps during the Boer War in South Africa. (Wikimedia)

image.pngStriking Indian mineworkers are stopped at the border at Volksrust, South Africa, during a protest march for better rights and conditions, led by Gandhi on November 6, 1913. (Dinodia Photos)

Synopsis:lawyer, founder of the Natal Indian Congress, political prisoner, leader of the Indian community in South Africa, a political activist against the White South African Government and the British Government in India.

First Name:Mohandas

Middle Name:Karamchand

Last Name:Gandhi

Date of Birth:02-October-1869

Location of Birth:Porbandar, Gujarat, India

Date of Death:30-January-1948

Location of Death:New Delhi, India


 He inspired politicians to lead large campaigns for the civil rights of oppressed people all across the world, as well as notable people like Albert Einstein and John Lennon.

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