How The Gambia went from one of Africa's worst eight teams to one of its best

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'When Scorpions Sting' tells the inside story of how The Gambia - the African mainland's smallest country by area - reached the quarter-finals of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

By doing so, the Scorpions transformed from being one of the worst eight sides in Africa, meaning they had to start at the preliminary stage, to being among the best eight.

Star players Musa Barrow and Ablie Jallow join veterans Pa Modou Jagne, Ebrima Sohna and coach Tom Saintfiet in recounting the greatest month in Gambian football history.

(Presenter: Celestine Karoney, Producer: Piers Edwards, Music: Yama Sora - 'Wato Sita')

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