How to Convert PDF to JPG Online – 5 Quick Steps

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PDFs are incredibly common, especially if your profession has anything to do with the internet, but oftentimes you need certain applications to access images inside or to even open a PDF.

If you find yourself without such an application, or you simply want to convert a PDF file to JPG, then this guide is for you.

Converting PDF files to JPG files is a simple process that can be completed easily and without frustration. All you will need is a Windows PC, and access to the internet.

5 Quick Steps to Convert a PDF File to JPG Images:

Step 1

Find the PDF file that you wish to convert, and to be extra safe create a backup of the file by left-clicking copy and simply pasting it in the same location as the original. Also, moving your PDFs (both the original and the copy) will make your life easier from this step.

The backup will be called “XXX-copy.pdf,” where “XXX” is the name of your PDF file.

Step 2

Travel to any of the vast amounts of free PDF to JPG converters online. Here are just a few you can use:

I recommend the PDF2JPG website, with which I will continue this guide.

Step 3

Open the site, and navigate to the blue “Choose a PDF file” button. Left-click this, which then will open an Explorer tab. Here find the Desktop icon, and click it, revealing the items on your Desktop.

Depending on how many PDFs you have on your Desktop finding the PDF file in question will be easier or harder. When you find the PDF you want to convert, double left-click on it.

Step 4

Now, to the right of the name of your PDF, there is a tab that is headed by “JPG Quality.” Here you can choose the quality of your JPGs once converted. Higher quality looks better but will mean the images will be larger.

Anything from Good quality to Excellent is fine. Open the tab by left-clicking and then left-click on the option that suits you. Finally, left-click the blue “Convert PDF to JPG” button on the bottom right.

Step 5

Your PDF will be converted by its pages, where each page will be an individual JPG image. Now you can download either the pages individually, or download the entire PDF as JPG images in a ZIP file.

Note: You will need a ZIP archive reader application like WinRAR, for example, to open the Zip file in order to access the images using this technique. If you don’t have such an app, I recommend downloading the JPGs individually by clicking the blue “Download” button beside the Pages.

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