Indonesian painter prepares exhibition of his 100 smallest paintings

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Iwan Ridwan, 52, also known as Iwan Muri is a painter from Garut, West Java Province. He is busy making 100 small paintings of influential figures preparing his new exhibition which will be held in August 2022. The 100 figures are well-known people ranging from Indonesia, to international celebrities. All paintings vary in size from 4 x 6 cm to 0.8 x 1.15 mm. Iwan admits that of the many figures that were painted, some had to be repeated several times. He is able to complete 3 to 4 paintings in a day. According to him, it is necessary to be physically and mentally in tune with the characters to be painted in order to identify their features and emotions in a realistic way. Iwan had held several exhibitions of his paintings in the past but this time is considered unique considering the very small size of the paintings displayed. Iwan confesses that his dream would be to receive visits from the painted characters to his studio in Garut in West Java.

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