Is It Profitable to Swap ETH to XNO?

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The development of the information society and the virtual economy has led to the emergence of new forms of money. An example of this is financial innovation is a virtual currency. In the official reports of the World Bank, electronic money is called “cryptocurrency” or “virtual currency.” Cryptocurrency – a type of digital currency, the creation and control of which are based on cryptographic methods. The term came after the article “Cryptocurrency,” which was published in 2011 in the magazine “Forbes.”

The most popular trends in the field of digital currency are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) is a leader in virtual money. Various technical solutions are constantly being created on the basis of blockchain, and developers are constantly working on their modernization;
  • Ethereum (ETH) – stimulates the emergence of decentralized blockchain startups based on smart contracts;
  • Ripple (XRP) – the fastest cryptocurrency;
  • IOTA – designed mainly for the Internet of Things;
  • Lightcoin (LTC) – a network ready for experiments. It was one of the first to activate digital money for fast transactions;
  • NEO – the currency of smart contracts;
  • NANO (XNO) is a coin that has a lot in common with Bitcoin. However, it is more functional, faster, and more convenient for transactions.

In recent years, interest in XNO has increased significantly. Today, many people change ETH to NANO, as it is quite profitable. There are several reasons for this. Read more about it below.

What Is NANO Cryptocurrency?

RaiBlocks was the initial version of the XNO coin. It was generated in 2014 by Colin LeMahieu. RaiBlocks is rightfully rated as one of the key cryptocurrencies built on the basis of a directed acyclic graph. Experts note that since the name RaiBlocks did not find a response from the target group of the project, in 2018, the cryptocurrency was renamed to NANO (XNO). From the user’s point of view, it is very attractive for transactions. The NANO network consumes minimal resources and, at the same time, has a high throughput – 7000 transactions per second. Therefore, many people buy XNO on the crypto anonymous exchange online.

Key Benefits of XNO

By exchanging ETH for XNO, a trader receives a variety of beneficial advantages, including:

  1. No commissions and a high TPS rate. Taking into account the high fees for Bitcoin, XNO is a more useful option for day-to-day transactions since it charges zero trading commission. The absence of transaction fees is not a short-term grant. There are no fees in the platform protocol itself. In addition, the network only needs 0.14 seconds to conduct transactions;
  2. Low consumption of energy. The NANO network has created its own unique algorithm for confirming transactions, which relies on a voting system and not on heavy technical equipment;
  3. Intuitive user interface and the presence of a wallet. NANO has a fairly simple and intuitive interface. Therefore, users rarely experience any difficulties when transacting with cryptocurrency. The advantage is also the presence of an official wallet – Natrium. Everyone can download it through the media store on iOS and Android to exchange XNO coins freely. The wallet is user-friendly and convenient both for beginners and experienced traders;
  4. Complete decentralization. The decentralization was achieved due to the even distribution of the total supply of ETH coins. Due to this, any manipulations in the system are excluded.

Therefore, the XNO crypto is the native coin of the NANO blockchain project. It provides users with unlimited scalability and instant transaction processing, and there are no commissions in the system. This was made possible thanks to the minimum resources required for the operation of the network – there is no need for specialized mining equipment. Therefore, exchanging ETH to XNO seems to be quite profitable and promising.

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