Kenyans Spend More Time Listening To Radio Than Watching TV, Report Shows

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The Media Council of Kenya released a ‘State of the Media’ report on Thursday which shows that Kenyans spend more time listening to the radio than watching TV.

According to the report, Kenyans watch TV for only two hours, which is, according to Gadgets Africa, is below the global average of 3 hours.

Kenya's Media Consumption: Did you know that 21 million Kenyans listen to the radio while the average time per day spent watching TV in Kenya is 2 hours against the global average time at 3 hours, 24 minutes?

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— Media Council of Kenya (@MediaCouncilK) January 31, 2022

On top of that, the Kenyans who watch TV only watch it for news and 30% of the people in the country rely on international content. This means that local TV content doesn’t get much traction in the country.

The report also shows that 75% of Kenyans do not read the newspapers anymore. Instead, they trust social networks like Twitter and websites when it comes to written news or content.

Radio, on the other hand, seems to be the source of information most people in the country rely on. More than 74% of people in the country listen to radio more than they consume any other form of media.

It is possible that these statistics are influenced by the morning and evening shows Kenyans listen to when heading to or coming from work.

According to Pulse, the report ranked the most popular radio stations as Radio Citizen (27%), Radio Jambo (22%), Kameme FM (15%), Radio Maisha (13%), and KBC Radio (11%).

The state of the media survey 2021.#KTNNewsCentre

— The Standard Digital (@StandardKenya) January 31, 2022

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