Leading Algerian opposition figure arrested again

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The Algerian League of Human Rights has denounced the arrest of Karim Tabbou on Friday evening.

According to the League, the opposition leader was arrested at his home in the capital, Algiers, and taken to a local police station.

The authorities have not revealed the reasons behind the arrest of Karim Tabbou, one of the most recognisable faces of the pro-democracy Hirak movement.

Last year Karim Tabbou was released after spending one year in prison in the wake of posting critical comments in social media in 2020 about the implication of the army in national politics.

Tabbou was one of the most-recognisable faces during unprecedented mass rallies, led by the Hirak pro-democracy movement, that began in February 2019. 

The supporters demanded a sweeping overhaul of the ruling system in place since the North African country gained independence from France in 1962.

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