Madagascar goes hungry in the world's first climate-change driven famine

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Madagascar is on the brink of the world's 1st climate change-driven famine

According to reporters for broadcaster Sky, the pain of a more extreme climate can be seen first-hand, as reports of babies dying and mothers unable to assist them due to their own hunger are rampant.

Investigations by the Sky team have uncovered a situation where many of the population are unable to find or afford food and disease has become rife as people's immune systems are lowered.

Experiencing one of the longest droughts the country has seen in 40 years, many people have taken to digging through dry river beds to try and reach the water table buried below.

The severe drought and dust storms that currently grip the country make farming nigh on impossible.

The country relies heavily on its tourism industry for income, but that was ravaged when the coronavirus pandemic took hold and it has still to open its doors for visitors to return.

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