Mali: Rebuilding economy after sanctions lifted (Business Africa)

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- African countries have made progress on information exchange in 2021. This improvement has helped mobilize resources and fight tax evasion.

- Will Mali's economy recover from six months of trade and financial sanctions? Economists predict a growth of less than 5% this year.

- Finally, in Togo, cotton production is expected to reach 148,826 tons in 2023 according to government forecasts.

Tax transparency in Africa 2022

Since 2014, the exchange of information upon request has allowed African countries to identify more than $244 million in additional revenue is what the latest report on tax transparency released last month reveals. The aim is to enable states to fight tax evasion and illicit financial flows.

This report on tax transparency was published by the global forum, I receive the head of the secretariat Ms Zayda Manetta, thank you for being with us

- Your report is very optimistic about the ability of African countries to fully embrace fiscal transparency

- Despite these efforts, there is still a long way to go in order to fight against illicit financial flows, and corruption and expand the tax base

- Let's talk about the challenges, 38 countries out of 54 have joined the project; what is the recipe to get more countries to join.

Zayda Manetta, thank you.

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Mali: recovering the economy after 6 months of sanctions

In Mali, growth prospects for 2022 have been undermined by economic sanctions, regional inflation and the crisis in Ukraine. Will the lifting of the ECOWAS blockade give the economy a new lease on life?

To find out, I am joined by the economist Mr Modibo Mao,

- What will be the consequences of this lifting of sanctions

- Six months of economic blockage, what have been the consequences

- How do you see the economic perspectives

Thank you Mr. Modibo Mao Makakou.

Togo: Boosting cotton production

In Togo, measures have been announced to reach a forecast production of 146,826 tons of seed cotton for 180,000 hectares of land planted. A report by our correspondent Noel Tadegnon.


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