Mauritius FA, hit by voyeurism scandal, sets up fact-finding committee

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Mauritius FA HQThe Mauritius Football Association headquarters in Trianon

The Mauritius Football Association and local police are investigating a complaint of voyeurism after a female FA employee found a mobile phone in video recording mode in the women's toilets at the FA headquarters.

Administrative secretary Mila Sinnasamy states that on 30 July she found the device hidden in a blue basket above the toilet water tank.

The Mauritius FA (MFA) president, Samir Sobha, has confirmed that the FA is setting up a "fact-finding committee to look into the whole matter."

"The police reacted quickly but we should also investigate," Sobha told BBC Sport Africa.

Mrs Sinnasamy says she made a video of the mobile phone which she found and informed Nazeer Bowud, the FA's assistant Secretary General.

He asked Mrs Sinnasamy to write a complaint for an FA internal investigation, but she says that after seeing no action from the Mauritius FA, she went to the police on Tuesday 10 August.

The FA's former Secretary General, Didier Pragassa, along with two other people, has been questioned by police in relation to the incident. Mr Pragassa, who had resigned from the FA earlier in the month due to ill health, denies any involvement in the case.

An emergency FA committee meeting was also held on Tuesday 10 August.

FA members Barlen Sengayen and Vinod Busviah - who are not involved in the case - both resigned in the wake of the meeting.

In letters seen by the BBC, Sengayen wrote to Nazeer Bowud, saying he felt "misled and manipulated" because the meeting had been recorded and a lawyer was present without his prior knowledge.

Busviah, said he was stepping down because he had not been invited to the meeting.

"We all know about the reasons they resigned; Didier Pragassa for health issues, the others said they are not at ease," Sobha, the FA president, explained.

"I accept and respect their decisions.

"The elections are less than a year away and there are hits below the belt everywhere.

"I don't feel in any way weakened as we still have 13 managing committee members."

BBC Sport Africa understands the device that was allegedly discovered in the women's toilets has disappeared.

Sobha, says the FA is determined to find out the truth.

"This is why we have set up a fact-finding committee," Sobha said.

"The terms of reference have been drafted and sent to our lawyers.

"I am sincerely clear in my mind and in my dealings that I have nothing to do with this matter either near or far.

"I speak only for myself and cannot speak for others. I do not put my hand in the fire for anyone".

The file on the allegations of voyeurism at the Mauritius FA will be submitted to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), according to a police source.

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