Moroccan Royal Navy conscripts start military service training

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Vice Admiral Mostafa El-Alami, Royal Moroccan Navy Inspector, inspects naval guards upon his arrival at the Moroccan Royal Navy conscript training centre on June 2, 2022   -  

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The Moroccan naval conscripts took part in their induction ceremony at the Royal Navy conscript training centre near the city of Ben Slimane.

Many participants showed up on time to undergo medical checkups before being screened to see if they fit into service.

For these young people eager to join the Army, this day is not like any other since it could change the course of their lives.

"Like all conscripts, I joined the 7th Moroccan Royal Navy conscript training centre in the city of Ben Slimane. After the initial screening, which went very well, thank God I was admitted and now we're in the training phase, which was launched by the (Vice) admiral, the Royal Moroccan Navy Inspector, who familiarised us with our rights and duties" said Chaymae Mabrouk, Moroccan Royal Navy conscript.

To succeed, the candidates must pass a strict competition and are carefully examined by the different commissions set up for this purpose.

"In accordance with the instructions of His Majesty Mohammed VI, the Supreme Chief and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces, we have merged the 2000 male and female conscripts into the 7th Royal Navy conscript training centre in Ben Slimane. This merge took place after the selection process, which went very well. Today you attended the annual induction ceremony for young Military service recruits in Regiment 37m" said Ayman Jarifa, Lieutenant of the Royal Moroccan Navy.

At the end of the operation, 1,090 lucky ones, out of the 2,464 candidates, were selected to join the military service class and start their course.

They learn how to carry and handle weapons, and are introduced to combat exercises, as part of their purely military training, which lasts 4 months, and then they receive professional training called "specialization", throughout the rest of their course (almost 8 months), knowing that the legal duration of military service is limited to 12 months.

Several specialties are offered, namely computer science, mechanics, masonry, carpentry, plumbing, sewing and hairdressing.

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