Morocco’s king denounces ‘methodical attacks’ on his country

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The King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, denounced in a speech “methodical attacks” against his country “by certain countries and organizations known to be hostile”, which he did not name.

Morocco, like some Arab Maghreb countries, is facing deliberate and premeditated aggression. Clinging to (….) obsolete considerations, the enemies of the Kingdom’s territorial integrity do not want Morocco to remain the free, strong, and influential nation it has always been,” he said.

“Moreover, some countries, including European countries, paradoxically among Morocco’s traditional partners, fear for their economic interests, their markets, and their spheres of influence in the Maghreb region,” he added without further clarification.

Mohammed VI then wished “to found solid, constructive and balanced relations, especially with neighboring countries,” citing Spain, but also France in this speech delivered for the 68th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People.

Data source: Africa news

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