Nigeria: citizens on expectations for 2022

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In what has become a tradition over the years, Christians and non-Christians visit various worship centers to pray their way into the New Year.

In some cases, you find others in pubs or relaxation spots.

At the turn of every year, Nigerians do have plans and expectations for the incoming year.

Twenty, twenty-two is expected to witness increase in political activities in the year preceding Nigeria’s general election.

Below is an outline of some residents in Lagos Nigeria expressing their expectations for the new year.

For Twenty Twenty-Two, it is going to be few months to the next general elections in Nigeria; I expect the government to perform well.

They will try to do their best, so that citizens can vote for them again. I think they need to better and set their priorities straight. Oreoluwa adeyeye, Content Creator

I pray that in the new year, majority of the youths and Nigerians in general will be able to get their Permanent Voters Card (PVC).

I know a lot of people are of the opinion that their votes do not count but I am here to tell you in my capacity as a media person, as a journalist that your vote counts. If your vote does not count, you will not see the politicians campaigning with bags of rice and beans, giving you money and cooked food.

These politicians do all these because they want your vote. Betyana nwelih, On- Air Personality

We need to improve ourselves; we tend to imitate the western world which I feel is wrong. We have a voice, which needs to be heard. Lukman iyiol, Entrepreneur

I see a better Africa, I see good Leaders emerging, I see good leaders coming together for this spirit of oneness in Leadership, sport and economy. Richlaw okon, Model

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has projected a 2.7 per cent economic growth for Nigeria in 2022 citing a recovery in the non-oil sectors and the rising price of crude oil.

For many Nigerians, the hope is that the country’s economy will reemerge from the effect of COVID-19 which has negatively impacted the lives of Citizens.

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