Nigeria: Families struggle to survive as food prices inflate

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After the coronavirus pandemic, Nigerian people are facing the most of the consequences. Inflation in prices is going on as the globe is recovering from the deadly virus. Western central bankers say it is only temporary but the inflation in prices is catastrophic for  210 million Nigerian people.

The impact is doubled because of the low global oil prices and the pandemic, the World Bank estimates Nigeria’s soaring inflation and food prices pushed another seven million people into poverty in 2020.

Food prices have increased more than 22 percent since the start of the coronavirus crisis. This is becoming difficult for most of the families to even feed properly. 

Even before the pandemic and the surge in food costs, Nigeria’s nutrition figures were alarming: One in three Nigerian children suffered stunted growth due to bad diet; one in 10 is wasted.

As a result, close to 17 million children in Nigeria are undernourished, giving the country the highest level of malnutrition in Africa and second highest in the world.

Data source: Africa news

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