Nigeria’s Buhari visits restive southeast after separatist’s arrest

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Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari visited a restive southeastern state on Thursday in a region where separatist tensions and attacks on police have been on the rise.

The visit to Imo State came two months after a southeast Biafra separatist leader Nnamndi Kanu was captured overseas and brought back to Nigeria to face trial.

With a heavy security presence after Kanu’s group called for a protest, Buhari flew to Imo capital Owerri to inspect recent construction projects with the local governor and meet with southeastern leaders.

“If there are no roads and there is no security, what can people do? Absolutely nothing,” Buhari said, wearing a red cap and traditional attire of the local Igbo people, vowing more help for the state.

Five months ago, gunmen attacked the prison in Owerri city, using explosives to blast their way in and free hundreds of prisoners.

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