Opposition in Angola denies financial ties to Dos Santos

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Angola's main opposition party on Thursday denied it had received funds from the family of late president Jose Eduardo dos Santos, an allegation coinciding with the runup to crucial elections.

Incumbent President Joao Lourenco, who was handpicked by dos Santos but then turned against his former boss, on Wednesday accused opponent Adalberto Costa Junior of having a financial relationship with the ex-leader's family.

An allegation the oppsosition denied and termed as "a political game".

The nearly four-decade tenure of dos Santos, who died last month, saw members of his family capitalise on the nation's oil riches while most Angolans remained mired in poverty.

On coming to power in 2017, Lourenco launched an anti-corruption drive targeting dos Santos and his family -- a campaign that critics say has failed to live up to its promise.

Lourenco is seeking a second term in the August 24 vote, which observers predict will be the tightest since Angola emerged from a lengthy civil war two decades ago.


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