Outrage over Ryanair requirement of Afrikaans test for South Africans

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Critics pour in on Ryanair and is being accused of discrimination against South Africans.

Ryanair on Monday admitted that it required South Africans flying to Britain and Ireland to fill out a questionnaire to test their knowledge of Afrikaans.

This according to the airline, was due to the high level of passport fraud experienced especially from passengers from South Africa

The airline further stated those unable to complete this questionnaire be refused travel and issued with a full refund."

Critics point out that Afrikaans is only one of 11 official languages in South Africa and played a controversial role in the oppression of black citizens during apartheid.

The languages of Zulu and Xhosa are the first and second most widely spoken languages in the country.

In response to the uproar on social media, Britain's ambassador in South Africa took to Twitter to clarify that such language and general knowledge tests were "not a UK government requirement" for South Africans entering the United Kingdom.

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