Paralympic Games: No medal but an engagement ring comes for Cape Verde runner

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A marital Yes and it is more than a "Happy ending" for Keula Nidreai Pereira Semedo of Cape Verde moments after her 200m T11 heats on Thursday, September 2.

Crossing the finish line in last position, the visually impaired Cape Verdean athlete certainly had the surprise of her life: a marriage proposal from her guide Manuel Antonio Vaz da Veiga!

The scene took place live in front of cameras beaming the images across the world.

A few seconds after the end of the race, the guide knelt down in front of his beloved, encouraged by the technical staff and surrounded by other athletes.

A wide smile on her lips, Keula Nidreai Pereira Semedo accepted the proposal before embracing her running partner, one that signals 'for life'.

For lack of a medal, she left with an engagement ring...

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