Partial lockdown in Tunisia as COVID-19 cases reach record high

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Partial lockdown was implemented from Thursday in Tunis capital. This is a decision taken by Tunisian authorities on June 20. This decision is taken since the country’s highest record levels have been the number of coronavirus infections and accompanying mortality in the last month. 

Four regions – Zaghouan Governorates (north) and Kairouan (center), Beja (north-west), Siliana – have adverse health problems and will be locked down completely. 

Some patients with coronavirus are relocated from beds to wheelchairs when Tunisian hospitals face the flood of recent cases and personnel shortcomings.

According to sources, the country has vaccinated only 1.8 million people out of a population of 12 million, of which 549,000 were vaccinated with two doses, mainly due to lack of doses which Tunisia’s foreign minister has steadily requested from international programme contributors.

Data source: Africa news

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