Pfizer and BioNtech to produce Covid-19 vaccines in South Africa

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Pfizer and BioNTech laboratories are about to enter the final stage of the production of their vaccines against Covid-19 in Cape Town, South Africa, from 2022, so that they can the vaccine production is in bulk and is sufficient to supply the African continent where the lack of doses slows down the immunization campaigns. The U.S.-German duo has partnered with the Biovac Group with the goal of supplying up to 100 million doses per year “exclusively” to the 55 “African Union member countries,” according to a statement detailing the alliance’s first partnership outside Europe and North America.

All the equipment and technical supporting machines will be transported soon. “This is a crucial step in strengthening sustainable access to vaccines” and the collaboration “will enable wider distribution of doses to people in hard-to-reach communities, especially on the African continent,” commented Morena Makhoana, CEO of Biovac.

Data source: Africa news 

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