Scalefusion: A Preferred Mobile Device & Endpoint Management Partner for OEMs

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As businesses gravitate towards remote working, enterprises all around the world are seeking efficient Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to help them secure and manage their corporate data and device fleets. Apart from managing traditional mobile devices, organizations also want to manage new-age endpoints such as Point-of-Sale systems, rugged handheld computers, etc. via a single solution.

MDM solution offers enterprises a secure way to manage their devices and helps them gain visibility over their remote device fleets. It also helps them to secure their corporate data on devices with different ownership models such as company-owned or employee-owned devices.

Scalefusion is a leading Mobile Device and Endpoint Management solution that offers a comprehensive set of features to manage diverse device fleets with different operating systems.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of smartphones can partner with Mobile Device Management Solution providers to offer complementary solutions to their end-customers.

How do Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) benefit from Scalefusion MDM

OEMs can partner with Scalefusion MDM to offer a bundled hardware solution to their customers.  With this, the customers can procure devices that are provisioned and managed by Scalefusion MDM straight out of the box with OEM-specific features & capabilities such as device hard-reset protection.

But how does partnering with Scalefusion MDM benefit OEMs? Let us see:

1. Reduced IT Efforts

OEMs that partner with Scalefuison can leverage an experience in building bespoke OEM-specific features such as single-touch permission grants to Scalefusion MDM agents. This reduces the time IT administrators take to provision the devices.

OEMs can also offer an out-of-box experience for their devices via pre-loading Scalefusion agent on their devices. This saves the IT teams from cumbersome enrollment processes and allows them to have their devices under management, right from the time the device is switched on.

2. Granular Device Management

Scalefusion MDM enables an OEM’s native features and capabilities to be managed and toggled from the Scalefusion dashboard.

Thus, OEMs can provide their customers with a unified platform for granular management of the device’s functionalities like manipulating hardware buttons, Wi-Fi settings, display settings and more, in addition to the MDM-specific features.

3. Bundled Hardware Solution

OEMs that offer hardware devices integrated with the Scalefusion MDM solution are certainly preferred by their customers as they set them free of the responsibility of hunting for separate MDM solutions that are compatible with their devices.

Furthermore, selling hardware devices is a one-time process for OEMs and it does not fetch recurring revenues from customers.

Partnering with Scalefusion MDM presents an opportunity for OEMs to gain recurring business from the renewal of Scalefusion’s subscription by the end-customers of OEMs.

4. Simple Pricing

Scalefusion offers simple and well-structured pricing plans with no hidden charges that are specific to OEMs.

Partners can leverage the benefits of custom plans, assistance from dedicated support and solution experts and custom storage for enterprise stores. Scalefusion also extends  Volume Purchase Plans for easier purchase and distribution along with professional services like Managed Services Programs to its partners.

5. Extended Partner Benefits

Partnering with Scalefusion MDM entitles OEMs to exclusive partner benefits including Sales and Technical support and Marketing support.

Scalefusion offers its partners a dedicated team of experts that provide sales assistance to boost their partners’ sales and technical training to familiarise their partners with the product and its features.

Furthermore, Scalefusion also extends marketing support to its partners with a dedicated team of digital marketing experts that provide ready-to-market collaterals including datasheets, whitepapers, co-branded events, webinars and much more to enable added outreach.

In a competitive world where every sector strives to deliver better, OEMs can step up their game by partnering with Scalefusion MDM to offer an advanced integrated device experience to its users and a hassle-free device management solution to enterprises.

Businesses can leverage high-utility devices equipped with an MDM solution to ease out the burden on their IT teams and help them to secure and manage their device fleet and corporate data effortlessly.

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