SCOTUS: Confirmation hearings of Jackson, the first Black woman nominee, begin

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US Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson vowed to uphold democracy on the first day of her confirmation hearings, in Washington on Monday.

US Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson vowed Monday to defend the "grand experiment of American democracy" as she launched a historic bid to be the first Black woman on the nation's highest judicial bench.

The federal judge who may become the first Black female justice was formerly introduced to the 22 senators on the judiciary commitee on Monday.

"Members of this committee, if I am confirmed, I commit to you that I will work productively to support and defend the Constitution (...) I have been a judge for nearly a decade now and I take that responsibility and my duty to be independent very seriously", she said.

President Biden's pick has a decade of experience on lower courts. Jackson previously served as a law clerk Stephen Breyer, the retiring justice she is set to replace.

The committee is meeting through Thursday to consider her nomination. Democratic leaders plan a final Senate vote next April.

As the final word on all civil and criminal legal disputes the Supreme Court seeks to ensure equal justice under the law. At the moment 3 justices picked by a democratic president sit on the Supreme court.

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