Villarreal, officially called Vila-real, is a city in the province of Castellón which is part of the Valencian Community in the east of Spain. The city is located at... Wikipedia

  • Province:  Castellón
  • Comarca:  Plana Baixa
  • Judicial district:  Vila-real
  • Founded:  20 February 1274
  • Type:  Mayor-council government
  • Body:  Ajuntament de Vila-real
  • Mayor:  José Benlloch (PSPV)
  • Demonym(s):  vila-realencs (va), villarrealenses (es)
  • Time zone:  CET (UTC+1)
  • Summer (DST):  CEST (UTC+2)
  • Postal code:  12540
  • Dialing code:  +34
  • Official language(s):  Valencian and Spanish
  • Website:  Official site
  • Data source:  Duck Go