Singapore tanker recovered off Africa, crew safe

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A Singapore-registered oil tanker that was boarded by "unidentified persons" off Ivory Coast last week has been located with all crew safe according to officials

Twenty crew members of various nationalities had been on the Success 9 when it was boarded Monday in the Gulf of Guinea, according to authorities.

“Once relocated, the vessel was intercepted by two National Navy patrol boats, the CF Sekongo, and the Rear Admiral Fatiga, under the guidance of the Falcon 50 (aircraft). It appears from the elements of assessments that the ship has indeed suffered material damage, the sabotage of its means of communication, and navigation, the armed theft of all the goods on board," said Commander Dadie Valles, Ivory Coast Navy.

The pirates got away with 5000 tonnes of diesel, according to Commander Dadie Valles of the Ivory Coast Navy.

The ship was taken to the port of Abidjan in Ivory Coast

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