The machines of Jerry Malo, Nigeria's award-winning Fabrication engineer {Inspire Africa}

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Agro processing machine from Jerry Isaac Malo   -  

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On the latest episode of Inspire Africa, host Jerry Fisayo-Bambi presents the story of the "Read in the Sahel" project in Cameroon, an initiative of David Wanedam that ensures books are transported to schools and people in Maroua and other disadvantaged areas.

We also hear the story of Jeremy Kazingufu, the Congolese man in Goma producing biodegradable ‘Paper Bags’ as a means to tackle environmental pollution.

And later on the show, we speak about the manufacturing and fabrication industry with the young award winning Nigerian engineer Jerry Issac Malo.

This episode concludes with some striking instagram pictures from Ethiopia, Gambia, and Guinea-Bissau.

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