Togo: Creating awareness on mental health, care and support

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Happy never imagined she would lose her footing after a family crisis. But the Togolose woman did and would go on to suffer from depression for several months.

"I was aggressive, I wasn't myself. I wasn't myself. At that moment I was hearing voices, I was seeing things I wasn't saying, I was also smelling foul odors. " she says.

"It took several months of hospitalization to regain a taste for life" she revealed.

Indeed it did, including a stay in one of the few psychiatric centers in the west African nation.

The demand for mental health services, already high in Togo, has been worsened by the covid-19 crisis with thousands having difficult or no access to mental health services or care.

The WHO estimates that 450 million people today across the world suffer from a mental disorder, from addiction to toxic substances to dementia, and that a quarter of the population is affected by this risk.

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