Tourists react as Morocco hit by heatwave

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Tourists flocked to swimming pools and beaches in Morocco Sunday as temperatures continued to soar as high as 47 degrees Celsius (116.6 degrees Fahrenheit) in some regions.

In Marakesh, tourists and local residents cooled off in the Oasiria swimming pool, the largest swimming pool in the city.

Other tourists headed to coffee shops or restaurants with air conditioning to avoid the sizzling heat.

The Morocco Meteorological Department said the country will experience a heat wave will continue through to next weekend, with temperatures ranging from 44 to 47 degrees Celsius (111.2 - 116.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

Since Friday, several Moroccan regions have recorded a rise in temperatures, which is considered an exceptional case in Morocco, due to the effect of hot and dry air masses coming from the Sahara towards Morocco.

During the past week, temperatures in the city of Sidi Slimane reached as high as 49.6 degrees Celsius (121.2 degrees Fahrenheit).

This rise will continue in the center, south and southeast of the country, and a gradual decrease in temperatures will begin in the north, starting next Tuesday, the Meteorological Department said.

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