UAE, Egypt conclude ‘Zayed 3’ military exercise

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The joint military exercises between the UAE and Egypt called ‘Zayed 3’ have finished. (Wam)

The joint military exercise between the UAE and Egypt, entitled ‘Zayed 3’, concluded on Saturday, 14th August.

The multi-day exercise, which took place in the UAE with the participation of Emirati and Egyptian Air Forces, involved lectures and practical training aimed at enhancing their abilities and coordination in operating joint air missions, training for air combat strategies and exchange expertise.

It also included joint flights by multi-purpose fighter aircraft, as well as several missions involving attacking enemy targets and defending vital locations.

The exercise highlighted the professionalism of UAE and Egyptian air forces, as well as their high level of coordination, which enhances their excellence in conducting successful joint missions.

The exercise is part of the UAE’s efforts to enhance military cooperation between the UAE and Egyptian Armed Forces, enabling them to leverage one another’s capabilities, and deal with threats to the region’s security and stability.

Source: United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation

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