Modern-day Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions offer much more than basic device management features.

Digitalization was a game-changer that made businesses rethink their approach and time spent on various operations. It presented greater speed, automation and higher accuracy for tasks that were earlier done manually. The inclusion of digital devices changed how industries operated in the past and since then, businesses are adopting newer ways to use these devices to their benefit. But digitalization comes with certain risks related to security and management, which if left unaddressed can have unpleasant consequences.

Critical Challenges Faced By Businesses In Adopting Digitalization

As beneficial as it is, digitalization is a complex and fast-paced process that many businesses struggle to achieve efficiently. It demands heavy dependence on digital technology which can be threatening to a business’s corporate security. In order to implement digital devices on various fronts, businesses need to first devise strategies to secure not only their devices but also the sensitive data they hold. There are several other challenges that factor in when relying on digital devices like securing the networks to which your devices are connected and preventing manual errors leading to data breaches. Even ensuring budget maintenance, building a skilled team that knows how to use the technology efficiently, are all challenges that need to be addressed before businesses consider opting for digital transformation.

Mobile Device Management: A Solution That Helps Drive Digital Initiatives Successfully

Mobile Device Management (MDM) software has been identified by businesses as a vital tool to drive their digital initiatives. But how exactly does an MDM solution play a role in streamlining the deployment of digital devices?

  • Centralized & Remote Management
    Digital devices have immense capabilities and are leveraged by businesses in diverse ways. Assigning smart devices to remote employees to stay connected, deploying wall-mounted or public-facing kiosks, implementing custom devices such as POS or rugged devices, etc. What’s more tedious than simply deploying digital devices in various use-cases is securing and constantly monitoring them.

    MDM solutions enable IT admins of organizations to provision and monitor their bulk devices remotely. They can set enterprise-specific security policies, push apps and content, lockdown devices in single or multi-app modes and have a 360-degree view of their device inventory in terms of the device performance, usage, security incidents, etc. which simplifies the management of all kinds of digital initiatives.

  • Extensive Security Policies
    Every business likes to be cautious about its corporate data. Whether businesses adopt remote working policies like BYOD management, or whether they opt for the deployment of any other custom devices, ensuring device and data security is a matter of high concern.

    MDM solutions offer extensive security capabilities to keep the devices, as well as the data safe. IT admins can configure various policies such as the passcode policy to prevent unauthorized device access, VPN configuration to enable an encrypted connection between the device and the network, factory reset protection policy, etc. The MDM-managed devices can be limited to the usage of specific apps and websites to prevent malware.

  • Cost Management
    With an MDM solution in place, businesses can execute a secure remote and BYOD environment enabling cost reduction on multiple fronts including investing in office spaces, purchasing individual devices for employees. Furthermore, with remote support capabilities, businesses can save costs on frequent on-site visits. Businesses can furthermore restrict the usage of only specific apps and websites on their devices to prevent data breaches and malware. Implementing security settings via MDM solutions for safe browsing saves organizations huge costs on dealing with the after-effects of accidental data leakage due to malware.
  • Automation of Redundant Tasks
    Implementing digital devices saves businesses loads of manual efforts and automates, accelerates and adds accuracy to various processes. But it would be so much more convenient if the management and security of these digital devices could also be automated too, isn’t it? Modern-day MDM solutions offer various features to schedule tasks for specified time and duration such as routine OS and app updates, and set automated compliance alerts for various security incidents, geofence-based alerts, alerts to various device vitals such as data usage, battery consumption and much more. This unburdens IT admins of organizations to a great extent, saves time and helps increase operational efficiency.

Businesses are ready to explore the power of digitalization and experiment their way into newer digital initiatives. Bundling diverse digital devices with an efficient MDM solution like Scalefusion can go a long way in simplifying the deployment of digital devices in a secure and well-monitored environment.

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