Worshippers attend annual Jewish pilgrimage at Tunisia's Ghriba synagogue

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Jewish pilgrims pray at the Ghriba synagogue in Tunisia's southern resort island of Djerba during the annual Jewish pilgrimage to the synagogue.

Held each year on the 33rd day of Passover, the two-day pilgrimage is central to the traditions of Tunisian Jews.

Tunisia hopes to welcome at least 7,000 pilgrims this year, given that 4,000 were in attendance in 2022.

According to René Trabelsi, former Tunisian Tourism Minister; _"The visitors witness the coexistence in Djerba._They see how people live in peace and harmony. It's a natural thing for us, and for foreigners, it's a positive thing here in Tunisia. These are always good messages to pass on."

The Ghriba Pilgrimage marks the beginning of the tourist season in Tunisia. 

It is also an important event for the Djerbian economy. Several nationalities are expected: From United States, United Kingdom, Italy, France etc.  

The Synagogue of Ghriba is one of the oldest in the world: 2600 years old.

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