Zimbabwe's Galloway returns from dislocated kneecap

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Brendan GallowayBrendan Galloway was out for 260 days after dislocating his kneecap against Wycombe in November

Plymouth Argyle boss Steven Schumacher says it is a "massive positive" that Zimbabwe defender Brendan Galloway has returned after a serious knee injury.

He had not played since dislocating his kneecap last November - an injury that saw him miss the Africa Cup of Nations.

"He's such such a good player when he's fit, and we're just made up to have him back," Schumacher told BBC Radio Devon.

"He was outstanding for us at the start of last season, he was one of our most consistent and best players until he got injured.

"He's had a real tough journey to get back, and to have him on the pitch tonight - the fans appreciated him being back on - and for him to get to 70 minutes as well, at that level, he's done brilliant."

Brendan Galloway lies down injuredBrendan Galloway had scored two goals in 16 appearances for Plymouth Argyle before his injury last November

Galloway signed a new 18-month contract in January to keep him at the Pilgrims as he recovered from his injury.

The former Everton and Luton Town player moved to Argyle ahead of last season and played 16 times before his injury.

"He knows how important he is for us, he knows what he brings, the attributes that he's got," added Schumacher.

"He's a great lad, you want him to do so well because he's a brilliant professional, so I'm made up that he's back."

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